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Abhinav Rajasthan

Abhinav Rajasthan will be a truly developed state. It will be a role model to be emulated by other states of our wonderful Nation. The ultimate goal of Abhinav Rajasthan Abhiyan is to make India a powerful but caring Nation of the World.

True development means two things for us

1.Increase in production to have a reasonable income and capital for families and the state of Rajasthan.

  1. Improvement in living standards of all the citizens of the state. This will result from the improvement in availability and quality of the different vital services.

Increasing production is the first priority for Abhinav Rajasthan. For this we will rewrite the plans which are at present neglecting production in the name of infrastructure. We are not against infrastructure but, we are against neglect of the production sectors i.e. agriculture and industry. At present both these sectors are allocated less than 5 % resources in plans which itself shows the callous attitude. On the other hand we are of the opinion that by increasing production, we will be able to generate income enough for creating required infrastructure. Presently we are borrowing money for the infrastructure and without increasing production, it has become difficult or say impossible to repay the loans. And if we don’t pay the loans we have to pay much heavier indirectly, which is not told by the planners.

For making vital services in the reach of common man, we have to be careful enough of the quality being delivered. This care is not being taken at present and the emphasis is on extension of services for cheap popularity even compromising with the quality. Schools without sufficient number of teachers, hospitals without doctors and public distribution of substandard food items don’t serve any fruitful purpose. Or to say this approach even harms the basic cause of a particular service.

But we don’t want development at the cost of our nature and culture. Such development will not be sustainable and it will also lead to hollowness in life. Therefore we define Abhinav Rajasthan as a holy combination of prosperity with nature and culture- a sangam of samradhi, prakrati and sanskrati.

Our strategy will be

  1. To create an environment of public awareness for self rule necessary for contributing in the development process. Without sense of self rule, most of the people feel a distance from the administration and don’t participate actively in planning and implementation of different schemes of development. Once the public feels owning the ‘rule’ the citizenship necessary for development will emerge.
  2. We will not pass generalized remarks for the shake of mere criticism. We will depend on extensive data for preparing different plans and schemes.
  3. We will think in integrated way to have meaningful development. We will take care of different geographical, cultural and social groups into account to mitigate the imbalance in development. We will also take on different subjects (fields) together to have a synergistic effect required for speedy development. We have to plan education, agriculture and industry at the same time to support each other field. Otherwise what will more educated people do in the absence of increased production in agricultural and industrial sectors?
  4. We will never talk regionalism in any negative sense. All our purpose for selecting Rajasthan for this Abhiyan will be for having a reasonably fair unit of the country. We don’t want to see other states in a weak position but we wish that all of them compete healthily with us and we support each other to make India a strong and prosperous Nation.
  5.            We believe that the Indian people behave in collectivity and for that reason we will devise more schemes based on collective efforts rather than individual initiatives. A whole village, town or a block, a district, a division or a community will be our unit of plan. We want to take advantage of this collective spirit in a positive way.

Seven Important Fields of Abhinav Rajasthan

We call them seven colours of the rainbow in the sky of development or seven ragas of the vikas raag. Or seven important parts of the building of development.

  1. Abhinav Samaj or society      –   the soil
  2. Abhinav Siksha or education –   the base
  3. Abhinav Shasan or rule           –   the support
  4. Abhinav Krashi or agriculture –   one pillar
  5. Abhinav Udhyog or industry   –    second pillar
  6. Abhinav Prakrati or nature      –    roof
  7. Abhinav Sanskrati  or culture   –    top, the shikhar

Our slowgans are

1.आपां नहीं तो कुण, आज नहीं तो कद ?

If not we; who else, if not now, then when?

2.धारणाएं बदलें, ताकि समाधान निकले।

Change the concepts, so that the solution emerges.

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