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What is Abhinav Rajasthan

(For new friends) So, What is Abhinav Rajasthan ?

This is the Truly Developed State of Rajasthan. Truly Developed State means that you and your family feel the Development, You smell it, you see it at you doorsteps. And that will happen only through a True Democracy, a people’s system. And that means that the man in any office welcomes you with a smile, is ready to serve at his or her best, and that you believe it to be your own office !

True Development for us means that our family earns that much which enables us to live a dignified life as per the present market values. We have to have a source of income for this purpose. The source may be land, an enterprise or a service. And the administration should create an atmosphere of opportunities.

Presently such words are written in our constitution and plan papers but they are only on papers. There is a wide gap between the administration and the people at large.

That’s why we say that we need True Democracy. That means the system is owned by the people. Presently its not. Thousand years of slavery has detached the Indian people from the system. They still feel that system belong to the Raj Netas and the Bureaucrats, the modern democratically (?) elected or selected Rulers. And this notion wont change without proper training. But the big question is that who would train the people. Why the people in command of the present system would like to do that ? Certainly, they wont.

So here comes this mission Abhinav Rajasthan, presently for this state only, considering this unit as the viable one as per our present resources.

In this mission we are linking one thousand people in this year 2016, who believe or who aspire for True Democracy and True Development. That would be a fairly meaningful number. Next year the numbers would be multiplied. Taking lessons from the past, we are not embarking on a Mass Movement. We are of the opinion that the Indian public and even the so called educated are still fearful of the STSTEM. They criticize it but are not ready to take it head on ! So we are taking a well thought course of grouping the Selected Ones. The deeds of these selected Champions of True Democracy would instill confidence in the frightened lot.

And we are quite successful in our efforts till date. Many friends have come forward to work for the mission Abhinav Rajasthan voluntarily. We do two things. First is to know the present Administration of Rajasthan through the Right To Information (RTI) and to make efforts through letters, media and the judiciary to improve it. And on the other hand we are planning in detail, the alternate, viable and practical System suitable to the our land and the culture.

We are a wonderful group of friends, working without a formal organization, without any fund ! each friend works on his own on one part of the System, say, any plan, any function of a department using his or her own resources but in a streamlined way.

We are not in favour of any demonstration, any halla gulla outside any office because we know that the Office is our Own ! We have to monitor our own office and that belonging to any Raj Neta or a Bureaurocrat. True Democracy ! And we have the power of letters to show that. We have done that quite successfully on many occasions and are constantly doing it.

Our Mission 2016 in on the way. In 2017, we will reach the masses with our aims and plans through the Enlightened, Aware, Democratic Friends. Agenda of 2018 elections of Rajasthan, will certainly be set by us.

So, We visualize a Truly Developed State of Rajasthan through a True Democracy. We are for a Prosperous Rajasthan. But our prosperity will not jeopardize our Nature and Culture, which we are going to enrich on our way.

In essence Abhinav Rajasthan will be a Triveni Sangam of Prosperity, Nature and Culture !

Vande Mataram !

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